Problem Identification and Teacher Preventive Efforts in Managing Students in Low-Grade Learning in Surakarta


  • Ratnasari Diah Utami
  • Ayu Faridah


Problems, Preventive, Students, Public-Private Schools


This study aims to examine the problems of students in the classroom and how the teacher‘s preventive action in managing low-grade students in Surakarta. The method used is qualitative research through interviews and observations by taking a sample of 10 public schools and 10 private schools in Surakarta to compare the results through reduction, data display and data interpretation. The validity of the data was tested by means of confirmability, dependability, and source triangulation tests. The results of the study are that there are differences in problems andpreventiveeffortsinmanagingstudentsinclassroomsatpublicand private schools. The problem of students in class is more often found in public schools and teachers in private schools take more preventive action than teachers in public schools.