The Effect of Using “Gojek” to Improve Learning Outcomes Ratio and Scale for 5th Grade


  • Ita Kurnia
  • Alfi Laila
  • Susi Damayanti
  • Tera Noviantiningtyas Ripto Saputri
  • Sandra Diah Ayu Pitaloka


Gojek; mathematics; Ratio an Scale; 5th Grade


This study discusses the use of the Gojek application as a medium learning of mathematics, learning materials of ratio and scale, during learning from home activities by online. Gojek is an application owned by 29.2 million users in Indonesia. This means that the Gojek application is owned by almost all students or their parents. Based on the observations result, during learning from home by online, teacher‘s rarely used learning media that involved students directly. This limitation can be overcome by using Gojek, whose presence is familiar to students. The research method used is quantitative-descriptive. Gojek can be used to improve student learning outcomes. In the research data in the paired sample test which shows the results that Sig 0.013 < 0.05, then H0 is rejected and Ha is accepted, so there is a difference between the pre-test and post-test learning outcomes. It can be concluded that there is an influence of Gojek learning media on learning materials of ratio and scale at grade 5 elementary school students in Kediri.