Guidance Services for Students Learning Difficulities in Primary School


  • Minsih
  • Tia Wulandari
  • Imam Mujahid


guidance, learning difficulties, specific language difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia.


This study aims to describe the factors that cause learning difficulties, the efforts of teachers in overcoming learning difficulties with the alleviation function of guidance services. The subjects of this study were students who had learning difficulties. Data were analyzed based on observations, interviews, and documentation using triangulation of sources and techniques. The results showed that there were types of learning difficulties, namely specific language difficulties (SLI), reading disorders (dyslexia), and math problems (dyscalculia). Factors that cause learning difficulties are internal factors made from oneself for example: readiness, habits, gaps, interests, and low motivation and external factors are done from outside oneself for example: teacher‘s relationship, school facilities, parent‘s relationships with students, student relations with the community environment is not good. Guidance services provided by teachers in overcoming student learning difficulties include: providing extra hours outside school hours, remedial programs, individual guidance, collaboration with parents, provide enthusiasm and motivation.