Visual Literacy of Folklore: Indonesian Batik Style in Gallery Virtual


  • Ariesa Pandanwangi
  • Belinda Sukapura Dewi
  • Sophia Himatul Alya


Batik; Folklore; Indonesia; Innovation, Visualization


Indonesia as a melting pot for various cultures, has many folk tales that have the potential to become an inspiration for an artist. Through this premise, this research aims to raise the potential of folklore in Indonesia, as a source of inspiration in working on batik techniques. Feldman‘s art criticism method and Primadi Tabrani Visual Language theory are used in the process of analysis and creation of works. Through this research, folklore has a great potential to be used in the development of batik telling stories in Indonesia, especially if it is related to the development of the creative industry and the theme of batik storytelling which is currently popular. In addition, through the use of visual language, innovation can be achieved without losing the characteristics of batik. Folklore visualization, presenting the subject matter of a female figure who dominates the field, and the environment around her is visualized with various looks. Many colors use strong and characteristic colors such as dark red or dark blue.