Fall Risk and Related Factors in Hemodialysis Patients


  • Sri Muharni
  • Utari CH Wardhani
  • Masni Kartini Purba


Risk of Fall, Hemodial, patient


The risk of falling is a common risk of resulting in injury. It is caused by environmental and psychological factors that can cause injury. The IKP report found that there were cases of adverse events due to patients falling 14.1%, NPC due to falls 18.53%, and falling patients resulting in 5.15% injury. The phenomenon that was found in the work area in the Batam RSPB room, it was found that 0.003% of patients fell. This study was conducted to determine the factors associated with the risk of falling in hemodialysis patients at the Batam Management Agency Hospital 2020. Research methods with quantitative methods. The sample consisted of 40 HD patients at Bp Batam Hospital in 2020 with the sampling technique, namely total sampling. The data were processed using the chi-square test. Univariate analysis of the results of the characteristics of nurses. Bivariate results showed that there was a relationship between walking aids (p value 0.027) and cognitive function (p value 0.006) with the risk of falling and there was no significant relationship between the environment and the risk of falling. Therefore, it is hoped that HD patients can know the importance of preventing the risk of falling so that complications due to the risk of falling can be prevented early