Relationship Between Burnout and Self Efficacy in Nurses


  • Monalisa sri handayani
  • Mira Agusthia
  • Rachmawaty M. Noer


Burnout, Self Efiicacy, Nurse


Burnout is a collection of symptoms due to fatigue, bothphysically and mentally, which can lead to a lack of concentration, negative self-concept development, and negative work behavior. (Maslach, 2004 in Andriani, 2018). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between Burnout and the self-efficacy of nurses at the Batam Graha Hermin Hospital in 2021. The research design used was descriptive analytic with a cross sectional study approach. A sample of 84 respondents obtained using non-random sampling technique. The results of the study of 84 respondents that the majority had a moderate burn out rate, namely 57 respondents (67.9%),a low level of 15 respondents (17.9%) and a high level of burn out 12 0rang (14.3%) while thelevel of self-efficacy of nurses was classified as moderate, namely 59 respondents (70.2%) andlow 25 respondents (29.8%) and none of the respondents had high self-efficacy. The research statistical test used the Chi- square test at a significance level of 95%, obtained a significant value of ρ Value = 0.02 <α (0.05). It can be concluded that there is a relationship between burnout and self-efficacy in nurses at Graha Hermin Hospital, Batam. This research can be used as information for nurses and provide an overview of the burnout conditions experiencedby nurses.