Logistics 4.0 and The Implication to Society 5.0


  • I Nyoman Purnaya


Logistics 4.0; Society 5.0; Cyber-Physical Systems


Logistics 4.0 is a representation of the Industry 4.0 paradigm of supply chain systems. Society 5.0 is a philosophy that complements Industry 4.0 and has the potential to revolutionize society for the common benefit of humanity. This new culture catalyzes social change, intending to have a significant effect on society at all levels, including quality of life and sustainability. The primary objective of this study to comprehend the relationship and the relevance of how emerging technology from Logistics 4.0 might lead to the organization of a new society termed 5.0. It is an argumentative study with a potential aspect that‘s focused on some recent literature. Logistics is a natural choice for some of the emerging approaches advocated by the Society 5.0 vision, and that is one of the sectors most likely to accomplish advances by data use. To pave the way for Society 5.0, the logistics sector, as a critical component of social infrastructure, must take a pragmatic approach to the implementation of cutting-edge technology that results in significant improvements in supply chain quality and complexity.