Enhancement Online Education in Pandemic Era about Cloud Computing with AWS


  • Ratnadewi
  • Agus Prijono


Cloud Computing, AWS, Online Education


During the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants in the education sector from Kindergarten - to Higher Education levels were forced to do things that were rarely done before, namely online or distance learning. This has led to the emergence of new problems, such as the unpreparedness of lecturers and students in carrying out Teaching and Learning Activities online, the absence of an online platform that can support learning, especially in the Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Study Program, and very different from ordinary teaching and learning activities. These things cause inconvenience for both the lecturers / teachers, as well as students. In addition, the emergence of websites that offer online simulator services, programming, and other things will help lecturers in carrying out the teaching and learning process. The constraints faced are the amount of memory that needs to be provided, and the problem of device memory that is not owned. With online education, basic knowledge about cloud computing with AWS can be provided to the academic community.