Leadership of Management School Principal in Teacher Competency Development


  • Sutarman
  • Widodo
  • Radiyanto
  • Endang Hermawan


Leadership; Educational; Evaluation


The leadership of the principal has a role in leading and regulating the educational process in schools. The research objective wants to know (1). Principal Leadership Management in teacher competency development (2). Role of the Principal (3). Evaluation Stages (4). Success in principal leadership. The method uses a qualitative approach with valid data collection, namely: (a). Conduct in-depth interviews (b). Participatory observation (c). Document study (d). Data reduction, data reflection. (e) Verification of data dependability, credibility, and convermblity. Research instrument through primary data and secondary data. Conclusion in principal management in developing teacher competence (1). Role of the Principal (2). Effective principal evaluation stages (3). The Success of Principal Leadership Implementation