Relationship Between Response Time and Patient Satisfaction In Emergency Department


  • Junita Krista. S
  • Siska Natalia
  • Rizky Sari Utami


Response Time, Satisfaction Level, IGD


Hospitals, in particular ER Emergency, has the objective to be achieved ministry of health which is optimal to the patient as quickly precise and integrated into the handling of the level of emergency so able to prevent the risk of disability and death with responsive for 5 minutes. Response Time is the speed in handling patients‘ patients ≤5 minutes upon arrival patients in the health care unit. Satisfaction is a condition that consumers feel after they experience a performance (or result) that has met their various expectations. This study aims to determine the relationship of response time with the level of patient satisfaction in the emergency department of RS X Pekanbaru City. This research was conducted on 86 respondents using the Slovin method. The research method is quantitative koresional.. The validity test of the questionnaire was 0.451 - 0.770 (r table: 0.468) and the reliability test was (0.663). The results of this study indicate that the majority of patients‘ decision level 48 respondents (55.8%) were very satisfied and dissatisfied as many as eight respondents (9.3%). Based on the test chi-square obtained p-value is 0,000 less than α (0.05), thus Ha accepted which means there is a significant relationship between the response time to the satisfaction level of patients who seek treatment in emergency hospital X city of Pekanbaru.