Digital Literacy Based on Local Wisdom in Language Learning


  • Rosida Tiurma Manurung


digital literacy, local wisdom, Indonesian language learning


This paper aims to determine the application of language teaching in the digital era based on local wisdom. Who plays a role in the learning process. The Indonesian language subject is very likely to help in the application of local wisdom for students in this digital era by incorporating it into learning. Indonesian is one of the lessons in which it teaches various kinds of lessons related to everyday human life. In this digital era, learning Indonesian based on local wisdom has to be improved by the presence of technology and the proliferation of slang languages that do not reflect positive characters. The community has a broad role in helping the world of education in introducing local wisdom in the lives of their students. With the mastery of digital literacy, students are able to use digital technology tools to become citizens who have a sense of nationalism, are responsible, have a sense of pride in being Indonesian citizens, and can set a good example for the next generation, and preserve local culture and regional languages. Learning Indonesian based on local wisdom in the digital era is very appropriate so that students are able to develop an interest in using Indonesian, have a sense of love for the country, and form student understanding and skills in solving social problems that occur in life. Respondents strongly agree that digital literacy can be mastered if individuals have adequate language skills through language learning. Respondents also strongly agree that language has an important role in digital literacy. From the results and discussion, it was also found that good and correct language can affect a person‘s literacy skills. Even though they are good at digital literacy, respondents agree that the characteristics of locality must be maintained.