Decreased The Anxiety Scale of Hemodialysis Patients with The Autogenic Relaxation


  • Mendy Livayana Mawardi
  • Mira Agusthia
  • Rachmawaty M. Noer


CKD, Hemodialysis, Anxiety, Autogenic Relaxation Therapi


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a decrease in the function of the kidney organs sothat they are unable to filter the body‘s electrolyte ureum, maintain the balanceofbody fluids, and chemicals. One of the management of patients with CKD is doing hemodialysis.CKD patients under going hemodialysis will have effect for physiological, psychological, and social influences. Lifestyles change during hemodialysis, besides that normal life is disturbed resulting in feelings loss. This resultsin psychological problems in CKD patients and results are a depression, anxiety, and stress. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of autogenic relaxation therapy on anxiety levels of CKD patients on hemodialysis. The design of this research is a quantitative study with a quasi-experimental design, the approachused is the pre testand post test without control group. Respondents of this study were CKD patientson hemodialysis at X Hospital Pekanbaru. The samples are 15 respondents in the autogenic therapy intervention group. Statistical test using the Wilcoxon Test. The results of statistical tests in the intervention group showed the effectiveness of autogenic therapy on reducing anxiety levels with p value <0.05. Based on the research above, the recommendation of this study, that inpatients with CKD, nursing interventions of choice by nurses in hemodialysis patientscan be carried out, non- pharmacolog with autogenic therapy, that can reduce theanxiety level to increase comfort during hemodialysis.