Cold Compresses Effect of on Postoperative Orif Pain in Fracture Patients


  • Opra Desnita
  • Rachmawaty M. Noer
  • Mira Agusthia


Compress; Experienced; Determined


The effect of cold compress administration using cold pack in patients post orif surgery is to reduce the sensation of pain. Fractures are both a potential and actual threat to a person‘s integrity, which can lead to physiological and psychological disorders. Orif is a fixation tool used to clamp bones. Pain is a major problem in postoperative orif patients. One of the non-pharmacological efforts in reducing pain is by compressing cold using a cold pack. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of cold pack administration in reducing pain in post orif fracture patients. The research design used is quasy- experiment pre-test and post- test without control with the research subject determined by using purposive sampling technique that amounts to 15 respondents. In all respondents, cold compress intervention treatment was carried out using cold pack. from shapiro wilk test results on the patient‘s pain level before cold compress with significance values of 0,001 and 0.004 after cold compress where p value < 0.05. All patients given cold compressesexperienced a decrease in the frequ ency of pain scales where clients experienced more mild pain by 10 patients (66.7%) who experienced mild pain and as many as 5 patients (33.3%) who are experiencing moderate pain. These results indicate that cold compress treatment has an effect in reducing postoperative orif pain. Nurses are advised to apply cold compress therapy as one of the non- pharmacological interventions to reduce postoperative orific pain.