Factors Associated with Anxiety and Depression in Cemotherapy Patients


  • Rizki Sari Utami
  • Siska Natalia
  • Debie Deliana


Cancer, Chemotherapy, Anxiety Level


Cancer is an abnormal cell growth that is caused by a mutation genes in the human body that can turn malignant. One therapy which is used in suppressing the growth of cancer cells is chemotherapy. Wrong One effect of chemotherapy is the emergence of anxiety due to its side effects arising from chemotherapy. The phenomenon found in the chemotherapy room is There are 4 dominant factors, including age, gender, education and type of cancer. This research was conducted to determine the factors associated with anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy at BP Batam Hospital. Method research with quantitative methods. The sample consisted of 60 respondents who underwent chemotherapy at BP Batam Hospital in 2021 with sampling techniques namely total sampling. The data were processed using the Chi-square test. Analysis Univariate results the predominant patient characteristics were aged 45-59 years 38 patients (63.3%), female gender 36 (60%), education level by level SMA 23 (38.3%), Type of breast cancer 36 (60%), the 3rd chemotherapy cycle 11 (18.3). Bivariate results showed that there was a relationship between age (p-value 0.000) and gender (p-value 0.037), and the type of cancer (p-value 0.000) at the level of anxiety and education has no significant relationship with the level of anxiety (p-value 0.836). It is concluded that age and type of cancer are the most related factors against anxiety. The results of this research are expected to be used as basic data for nurses in the nursing division and chemotherapy services at the BP Batam Hospital Exploitation of Batam to carry out activities to reduce anxiety on patients undergoing chemotherapy.