The Relation between Lecturer Role and Software Academic to Elevate Writing Literacy Case on Business Students


  • Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem
  • Saryadi
  • Agung Budiatmo


lecturer role, software academic, elevate, writing literacy


The impact of technology also includes an impact on the educational environment, with the development of increasingly advanced technology able to facilitate activities in educational activities. This technological development certainly has a very good impact and accelerates human activities. Students are the highest stage in the world of education. There is many software nowadays that can be used by students to improve their writing skills. For example, google translate to make it easier for students to understand foreign language writing to increase references in writing. Students can understand various writings from various foreign languages. The role of lecturers to increase interaction with students is able to increase student activity to better understand and be more creative to improve their writing skills. Students are also greatly helped by the facilities such as Mendeley, endnote, Turnitin and other free journal facilities so that they can improve student skills to think more creatively. Students can look for references and document written files that are able to support student writing. Students feel helped by facilities that can be used to support writing.