Writing Literacy to Accelerate Student’s Interior Design Innovations for New Normal


  • Irena Vanessa Gunawan


Innovations; Interior Design; New Normal; Writing Literacy


The Covid 19 Pandemy has impact nearly all aspects of life, including education. While social interaction are being limited and most of activities are done from home, interior designers are still have to do their main job, which is to create a built environment accourding to current human needs. The availability of internet as a source of vast information help designers to keep up to date with the the newest issues. Writing literacy become imperative as designers need to constantly create design solutions based on multidisiplin researches. However writing literacy needs to form as a habit since the undergraduate curicculum. This paper discuss the undergraduate students design process which very dependent on writing literacy as a part of design method. The result of this paper are expected to be a reference for teaching and learning approach of similar courses.