Improving Writing Skills Based on Developing Learning Models of Non-Examples Examples, Think Talk Write and Mind Mapping (Exwrimap)


  • Fanus Harsa Wardhana
  • Henny Suharyati


Writing skill, the method of ADDIE, learning models of Examples non- Examples, Think Talk Write, Mind Mapping.


The purpose of this study was to assess the improvement of students‘ writing skills in English by relying on a combination of three learning models Examples Non-Examples, Think Talk Write, and Mind Mapping which were later abbreviated as EXWRIMAP. It is a collaboration of existing models, namely: Examples non-examples model is a learning model that in the process relies on images, Think Talk Write is a learning model that motivates on students‘ writing skills, and Mind Mapping is a learning model that is considered to provide additional English vocabulary. The research methodology used is a research and development method with the ADDIE model. The study began with the performance analysis and needs analysis stages of Junior High School (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) students. The most common problem is writing skills in English subjects. It occurs because of the lack of students‘ English vocabulary which is difficulty in writing. The next stage is to design a draft of EXWRIMAP model based on the analysis results. To develop the model, the Delphi technique was judged by experts through Delphi 1 limited trial and Delphi 2. The Delphi process and limited trial need support from suggestions and input from experts for improvement and refinement of the model. The technique of collecting data fulfilled by observation, questionnaires, and test instruments for the test of the effectiveness of the model. They portrayed the students‘ enthusiasm for the application of the model, students‘ responses to the model, the feasibility of the model by experts and model teachers, the students‘ pretest and post-test scores. The results of Delphi 2 were a draft model that was tested by the implementation stage in two schools which were considered to represent all Junior High School in Citamiang District, namely: Junior High School (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) Sukabumi City and Junior High School (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) Ummi Kulsum. The same instrument was used and its result showed the increasing in students‘ writing skills in Language subjects. English with a score of 94.46 and 94.07 in the post-test. This showed the success of the research with the proven learning model EXWRIMAP can improve the writing skills of students in English subjects.