Pocket and Audio-Visual-Animated Influence to The Knowledge and Attitudes of Female-Age-Women in Prevention of Tuberculosis Transmission


  • Efendi Sianturi
  • Maida Pardosi
  • Elisabeth Surbakti


Pocket book, Audio-Visual-Animation, Prevention, Tuberculosis


Prevention of tuberculosis transmission in female prostitutes can be conveyed through audio-visual methods and pocket books, which can be more interesting and easy to understand, as part of health promotion, so that the target audience can learn the message for adoption. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using pocket books and audiovisual animation on increasing the knowledge and attitudes of female prostitutes in preventing tuberculosis transmission. Quasi-experimental research design nonrandomized pretest posttest control group design. The results of the study, there was a change in the mean of knowledge before and after being given pocketbooks and audio-visual media by 15.88 in the intervention group, changes in the mean attitude of 39.40 in the intervention group. There is an effect of giving pocket books and animated-videos on the knowledge and attitudes of women women in preventing tuberculosis transmission with p value <0.01. Pocket books and audio-visual media can be used as alternatives to provide health education to families and communities in efforts to prevent tuberculosis