Constructivism Based Blended Learning for Online Learning Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Students


  • Syarifuddin
  • Mardiana
  • Sulistyani Eka Lestari


Blended Learning, Constructivism, Online Learning


During this pandemic we were faced with online learning carried out by all levels of education through the use of information technology. Learning is done online. For all educators they are faced with conditions that are completely limited in carrying out learning and are far different from teaching classically as usual, namely face to face in class. There have been significant changes in all aspects of learning, all of which require teachers to be creative and innovative in teaching. We cannot just rely on applications, we need attractive and real learning strategies, not only the delivery of theory through applications, but there must be an integration between material and student activities as a form of learning experience that students must still obtain. Constructivism-based blended learning is very appropriate to be applied to online learning today, because it makes learning more meaningful. The learning material will be accompanied by student activities in the form of practical activities from the implementation of the material being studied. Learning will be presented in the form of student activities that must be carried out by students at home independently with instructions and teacher directions via online and forms of assessment of the results of activities in the form of written reports and videos made directly by students while carrying out activities.